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Principal's Message

Michael Veronneau head shot Nov. 23
Greetings Crosby High School Students and Families,
My name is Mr. Veronneau and I am the proud Principal of Crosby High School, and a 'Bulldog for Life'. At Crosby High School we are dedicated to providing students with a creative, innovative, and intellectually challenging learning experience which will help all students prepare for college and career opportunities. 
Through a wide variety of programs, courses offerings, and extracurricular activities Crosby students will participate in a unique high school experience that will be dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the diversity that the Crosby community has to offer. The exceptional faculty and staff here at Crosby are devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of all students and preparing them to be productive members of the Waterbury community. 
All students, families, and community members that are connected to Crosby will share in the collective effort to cultivate Bulldog Pride amongst all students. With the help of all stakeholders our goal is to structure equitable systems that will enable students to develop a growth mindset, become master problem solvers, knowledgeable life-long learners, productive collaborators, hard-workers, socially and emotionally intelligent individuals, and great communicators. 
Our unwavering sense of urgency to instill a culture of continued progress, academic improvement, teamwork, and socio-emotional wellness for all stakeholders, will carry us to continued growth and significant gains. 
I welcome you all to the Crosby High School community. You are now a part of the village that will help assist our students in achieving all their goals, and to reach great heights. In this work together we will make the experience at Crosby High School memorable for all students. 
I look forward to working with all of you to assist our students in accomplishing their dreams. 

Michael Veronneau, Principal

Administrative Team

Hugh Aird head shot

Mr. Hugh Aird
Vice Principal
Grade 10-12, M-Z

Mr. Sean Mosley
Vice Principal
Early College High School

Cathi Newmark head shot

Mrs. Cathleen Newmark
Vice Principal
Grade 10-12, A-L

Kara Riley head shot Nov. 23

Ms. Kara Riley
Vice Principal
Grade 9